How is storytelling related to my business?

  • Storytelling is the most effective way to communicate and engage human beings

  • Digital Storytelling uses social media as a platform

  • Through storytelling you can communicate your brand identity, value proposition in a playful way

  • Doing it right will connect and involve your audience/customers on an emotional level

  • Through engagement you create brand loyalty

Video is the most powerful tool to tell a story:

  • Video is allowing the audience allowing the audience to experiment a visual story through time. It creates suspense, curiosity and intrigue.

  • Video increases the momentum of authenticity

  • The amount of information submitted in a very short time can’t be duplicated by any other media

  • Show – not tell. This is the best way create trust.

Creativity is the fuel that drives successful marketing

You get noticed for the first time!
They are thinking about you!
They really like you!
They give you money!
They are real friends now!
They spread the word!